The Top Five Most Recent IT Security Attacks In 2017

As technology advances, the rate of cyber attacks also increases. Cyber attacks entail the disruption of the network and computer system, by hackers with malicious codes that compromise data and act as a gateway to the commission of cyber crimes. Most countries have updated their laws in line with these crimes in order to provide protection to their citizens. It is evident from recent attacks that the enforcement of legal provisions still fails to deter hackers from using data, logic, or codes to disrupt enterprises that solely depend on technology.

Last year, hackers attempted an attack on Olympic athletes and even Mack Zuckerberg. These are some of the recent cyber attacks:

1.     A ransom-ware global cyber attack

This global attack hit an average of one hundred countries inclusive of India, Egypt, China, United Kingdom, and Russia. It took place on 12 May 2017. This attack aimed at infecting anyone who got the malware. The creators of this malware made it available a month before. Once a person accessed the ransom-ware, it proceeded to encrypt the personal data of a user, and hold it ransom until the user pays a stated amount of money for its decryption. This malware made its way to hospital systems and posed a threat to the life of patients. There is a speculation that this attack originated from Russia, because of the large impact. This was a clear case of extortion and robbery.

2.     Chipotle cyber attack

Credit card payers at Chipotle were astounded by the fact that the famous Mexican restaurant announced the presence of malware in its system. Chipotle made a public announcement on 26 May 2017, to customers who make credit card payment towards their accounts. Since Chipotle is not liable for protecting the credit of their customers, this was a warning to their frequenters to file police reports if they notice any unaccountable credit issues.

3.     Weather emergency sirens of Dallas, Texas

On the eve of 7 April, all the emergency sirens in Dallas went off. Please note that they are one hundred and fifty-six (156). These alarms kept at it for nearly two hours, waking all the estimated one point three million residents of Dallas City. The system was cleared and turned off, reporting no weather emergency whatsoever. The identity of the hacker is still unknown. Some people speculate that it was the siren cyber attack was a form of destruction for something bigger. However, to date no reports in reference to this date were lodged.

4.     Plastic Surgery firm in Lithuania

Hackers accessed this firm’s database in March, and took control of the patient’s information and photos. In a bid to safeguard their identity, some patients succumbed to the ransom payment demanded on April. However, the firm refused to make any payments and as a result, patient’s information leaked to the public.

5.     The Gmail phishing scheme

The hackers, in this case, misguided users into giving up their email credentials. The hacker made use of a closed type of email contact. This contact would send PDF emails to users. On opening the PDF document, it would redirect the user to an imposter Gmail page that sought the user’s login credentials. Users who were unaware would proceed to hand the hacker their credentials and access to their contacts.

In the news today

A 12-year-old boy was killed after he was struck and killed by a truck over the weekend while visiting in Georgia.

The young boy was visiting his family in Lakeland when the accident occurred. According to the child’s mother, the boy was walking across the street in front of his grandmother’s house when he was struck by a truck.

The boy was later pronounced dead due to injuries sustained. The child was described as a “fighter” because he was born with multiple heart defects and spent the first few years of his life battling this. He was also diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The fire department in Evansville is currently investigating a suspicious house fire that occurred Wednesday night.

Crews responded to the fire at 7:45 p.m. when someone called to report an explosion. Officials said that the fire started on a mattress that was leaning against the wall in the living room.

The owners came to the home when fire crews were working to the put out the fire. They told officials that there were people out to get them. Officials have also said that the backdoor was forced open, but there were not presence of flammable liquids.

Deion Sanders will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame soon, but before he does this he will be hosting two special events in Atlanta.

This Saturday he will be hosting The PrimeTime Black & Red Gala and ongoing throughout the whole weekend will be the Deion Sanders and Jamal Lewis Youth Football Tournament.

The gala will offer food, drinks and music with confirmed guests including Jamie Foxx, Usher, Tyler Perry, Toni Braxton, and Jermaine Dupri. All proceeds from the event go to the charity set up by Deion and Pilar Sanders that promotes positive youth self image through education.

The football tournament is an annual event that is hosted by former NFL players and features youth football organizations. The games will run through July 15-17 with the Championship Game taking place on the 17th.